Our Big Plastic Water Tanks  

Learn about our big plastic water tanks and how you can design them to fit up to 50000 gallons


We offer a wide variety of big plastic water tanks for you to choose from - anywhere from 50 - 50,000 gallons and heights up to 50 feet, we have you covered.

Harsh Chemicals

Our Industrial Custom Poly Tanks are a great choice for someone looking to house harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid. We have a variety of materials and additives to choose from in order to make sure your design needs are met. 

UV Inhibitors

Outdoor tanks are especially vulnerable to UV rays which is why all of the tanks we sell have UV inhibitors already included. Different additives are available for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Tanks You Can Trust

All of our big plastic water tanks are hydro tested for leaks or any kind of structural damage before shipping out to you. You can buy with confidence knowing that any tank you receive will be fully reliable and serve your needs. 


Our design options for chemical mixing tanks include: 

  • Open Top

  • Double Wall

  • Sloped Floor

  • Skirted Cone Bottom

  • Horizontal

Why Our Tanks Succeed

Our products are top of the line. Here's why:

  • We provide unmatched structural integrity and have the structural integrity of steel

  • Our strong tanks are made from plastic which means you get quality chemical resistance

  • Our customization options allow you to select from various materials and a multitude of fittings and accessories

  • Our tanks last. No more worrying about rotting, rusting, corrosion, or repainting