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While there are many benefits of traditional plastic chemical tanks , they will always fail at some point. Tank life will largely depend on material quality and what the tank is holding. Our plastic tanks are designed to be comparable with steel, fiberglass, and rotomolded alternatives. With outside diameters ranging from1/2 in to 6 in that can handle harsh environments such as chemical storage and gas and oil applications, these tanks are made to withstand it all while remaining affordable.

8500 Gal PE Tank

9' 2" X 17' 4"; ~1-1/2"; Flat top & bottom

4900 Gal PP Tank

Polypropylene Tank; Euro gray; 9' 2" X 9' 11"; ~1"; Cone top & flat bottom; Manway, 3" drain

1600 Gal PE Tank

Black PE Tank; 7' 9" X 4' 7", ~1, Cone top & flat bottom, manway; 3" vent; 2" drain

1170 Gal PE Tank

Black PE Tank;5' 6" X 6' 7"; ~1/2"-1"; Cone top & flat bottom


Our purpose is to provide you with the highest quality plastic chemical tanks that last, save you money, and prevent potentially dangerous tank ruptures. Our tanks are comparable to strong materials such as steel or even rotomolded tanks - just lighter weight and less expensive.